À la carte or have the whole cart

Select from a wide range of services and options

The Forte

Multiple experienced and certified bartenders are ready to serve with a smile. Alongside speed and skill to deliver up to large guest counts, let us take care of your individuals needs through our service of excellence.

The Bar

Whether your venue has the bar, or you need to rent, we can accommodate and supply. Bar tools, ice buckets, and basic garnish & bitters, when applicable, are always included.

The Auxiliary

When you need the extras supplied for you, like cups, ice,  water stations, and the finer details; we can procure, deliver, and take these tasks off your hands.

The Assistance

Have us aid in the purchase of your bar selection. From full service consultation, ordering, and pick up, to basic, self purchasing consult.

The Tailored

Let us facilitate your cocktail menu with custom libations. We can put together spins on classics, all the way to fully original builds, to add a memorable personality to your theme or motif. Above photo is of our "Microsoft Mixer", incorporating all of their logo colors.

The Personality

Add unforgettable notes and glamour to a special cocktail, or let it complete as many compatible drinks as possible. Specialty garnishes may literally add the cherry on top! Impress your guests with that memorable touch of flair to match the celebration . Fruits, vegetables, wafer paper, herbs, edible flowers, gelatin, edible glitter, and more are available.

The Distance

We may be based in Seattle, but we are always ready to travel! Our most common stretch of land is between Portland, OR, to Vancouver, BC, and the Olympic peninsula, out towards Coeur d'Alene, ID. Travel estimates may include, distance, time, ferry, lodging, or alternative transportation. We are happy to discuss a project if you are further out.

The Beyond

If you have an exclusive event and need more, we are happy to discuss further. Waitstaff, coat check, tea, coffee, Nespresso service, kosher bar, and additional door/host staff may be available. Let us know if you have a special theme, and we can add the extras to match. Glassware rental is currently unavailable with some exception to small tastings or modest champagne toast, please inquire.